About Us

We are some of the people Kelly Kosky has defrauded, and we range from Canada, to the United States, to South Africa.  Our relationships to Kelly range from the "Mission's" former teachers, boarding master, senior pastor, missionaries from the U.S., Canada and South Africa, "Mission's" former students, residents from the town of Willowvale, residents from various villages and the former Outreach Director. 


This website is born out of our mutual love for Jesus Christ and desire to further His Great Commission.  All of us have seen first-hand the damage that Kelly’s front has done to the Gospel by preventing his supporter’s money from getting to the people that his supporters are paying to reach.  Our purpose is to present you with clear evidence that will prove the need to investigate before you donate, or before you continue to donate if you already support him.  

If this is news to you then you may be tempted to scoff, but we ask you to carefully consider the evidence.  As can be read from Affidavits of the Outreach Director, people who have spoken out against Kelly have been targeted for retribution and retaliation, which has not been limited to attempting to bribe Lawrence Titma, the former Outreach Director of 18 years, to bear false testimony.   


Others have received harassing emails from email addresses that bear names of famous dead people and been signed up for email lists on abominable web sites; associated companies have been called and told horrible things by an unknown caller; friends, family members and any known associates have received phishing calls from Kelly where he claims there is some kind of issue that they can help with by sharing private information about a third party; unauthorized attempts to sign-in to one’s email; indirect but not-so-subtle threats have been continually sent to some until they told Kelly to cease-and-desist or they would file a restraining order.  These are the kinds of things that begin to happen when people start speaking about what they have experienced from Kelly, and this list is not exhaustive.   


Many of our team will not publish their names for fear of real life-destroying retaliation which they have experienced from Kelly and seen others suffer from.  Courageous and loving members of our team like Lawrence Titima have testified and revealed their identities, and as time allows for future posts more members will reveal their identities as they give their testimony. 



The Team at kellykoskyisafraud.com