Affidavits of the Outreach Director

Over $40,000 in tithes, $15,000 in special donations for purchasing Bibles and $30,000 in vehicles: this is how much Kelly Kosky has defrauded just one small church in Kalispell, Montana over the last 20 years. Churches which have also found that he has defrauded them are in Saint Louis, Missouri; New York, New York; Cape Town, South Africa; Canada. As we will detail in another post, the very "Mission" itself was obtained through a scam.

Both his former mission supervisor who was also the senior pastor, and his former outreach director of over a decade both testify that he has defrauded at least four missionaries by convincing them to sell their homes, buy vehicles in South Africa and put them in the "Mission's" name (which is in his name), build a home on the "Mission's" property, and then intimidate them so that they flee back to their country, broke and homeless.

When many people hear the reports and read the evidence, they begin to share their own stories of how Kelly is a completely different and ungodly person when he is off stage, but they were hesitant to speak about it because he portrays himself as such a "man of God". Others are so sold on Kelly that they refuse to even look at the evidence. Whatever your choice, we are conscience bound as watchmen who have witnessed coming danger to warn you. Our motive is love for you, Jesus' Body, the Church, and our purpose is to give you the clear facts so that you can make an educated choice to investigate where your donations have actually gone. It is known that every month tens of thousands of dollars that were intended to help the poor and further Jesus' Great Commission are actually supporting the lavish lifestyle of a con-artist, one who secretly has at least two houses worth about a million dollars each, one in Denver, Colorado, and one on the oceanfront in Simon's Town, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.


A church in Montana sent us the following email in which we were asked to confirm with Kelly's former Outreach Director if money that they sent to Kelly to purchase Bibles was actually used to purchase Bibles and if the Bibles were distributed:


"We would be interested to know if these Bibles were 1. actually purchased and 2. If they were given to Xhosa people in the Transkei at outreaches.Here you go:

Here is an email where KK stated that the Bibles are $6 ea. That would mean that $5400 would buy 900 Bibles which is 45 cases…a full truckload.


When we inquired of Kelly's former Outreach Director, we learned that no Bibles had been purchased or distributed. The following is the Outreach Director's Affidavit:

[AFFIDAVIT BEGINNING. Date of birth has been redacted for internet privacy. Used with permission.]


The church in Montana had sent a certified letter to Kelly, for which he signed for, asking for proof that he did in fact purchase the Bibles that he had claimed to purchase and distribute. Over a year has passed, and Kelly has not been able to produce any proof that he purchased any Bibles. Our team can speak from experience that Lawrence's house was right next to the entrance to the "Mission", and three truckloads of Bibles could not have been missed by the "Mission's" one and only Outreach Director.

"Ah, but Kelly warned us about some of you and told us what kind of things you all have done, so you are not a reliable witness!", some may say.

It is true, Kelly has made great attempts to slander people on our team far and wide, especially to his large financial supporters to keep them from looking at the evidence that exposes Kelly's fraud. Not only would Kelly slander to cover up his scam, but he would attempt to bribe an employee to bear false witness about missionaries because they could expose Kelly. The following is another Affidavit from Lawrence. Kelly's actions were enough to cause Lawrence to leave the "Mission", which had been his home for over a decade, and to stand to defend the missionaries:

[AFFIDAVIT BEGINNING. Lawrence's date of birth and the missionaries' names have been redacted for internet privacy. Used with permission.]


In spite of Kelly's aggressive slander, the missionaries have been completely vindicated in South Africa and the United States, and now both countries have been made aware of Kelly and his mass fraud. Now you are aware as well. Investigate before you donate, and it is too late.

We will write in the future to show you how the "Mission" and any appearance of ministry is a front, a front which can only cost a mere few hundred dollars a month to run and only fools visiting Americans, but not South Africans. You or someone you know may have been to the Willowvale "Mission" with Kelly, but when Americans visit the "Mission" with Kelly, he has quite a show prepared. When Americans visit the "Mission" without Kelly, they find out the truth and immediately stop funding him, time and time again.